💻Social Media 📟Versus 📺Mainstream media. 🎥 @ ✒ GBG⚔

1.   Social media is the most empowering instrument of estabilishing individual freedom, ever since the discovery of wheel.

2.  If prudently applied, it is a wonderful tool of communication. It is the application of this communication tool , that could some times be flawed, but not the tool it self.

3.  The established states and every other conventional control organisation on earth today, is intimidated by social media, as it has emerged as the most  powerful instrument of interpersonal and social communication, which refuses to be state controlled, or enslaved.

4.  In the modern world it is that catapult of David, which can actually hit the Goliath, and get him down.  It is the tool with which, a common man can hit out at the ruler of a state, provided he has learnt to use this instrument of social and individual empowerment, well.

5.   The mainstream media has become an extremely expensive to run tool of communication,  either state owned or corporate owned.  It is  sold out to the biggest bidder/sponsor, in view of the money required to run it's operations.

6.   On the other hand, the hand held device called smart phone empowered by platforms like FB, whatsapp, snapchat,  twitter, Instagram, blogging sites and search engines like google,  have become the best alternate answer to mainstream media, as not only this media let's you chose a  zeroed upon content, but also let's you adress a well chosen target audience.
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