🚩De Novo Religious philosophy, is the need of the day🚩©@✒ GBG⚔

🚩De Novo Religious philosophy,  is the need of the day🚩©@✒ GBG⚔

1.  Religion, this or that, needs to be redefined as per our modern social setup.

2.  We need a De-Novo approach to religion. Our misinformed faith and ill-conditioned loyalty towards organised religions must immediately stop, and get redefined in light of, and in favour of  modern sociological, psychological, legal, ethical and  and political thought, which has evolved in the modern times. 

3.   To start with, the singular socio-political rider that needs to be put in  place, across globe is that religion can not be allowed to create, any appeal, over and above the basic laws and ethics governing a modern state.

4.   If at all, a citizen feels he needs 'God', he/she must  keep his/her God with in the confines of his/her home.

5.  We often talk of bringing about systemic changes, but continue to stick to old and obsolete systems of organising human society, ethics and values, on basis of obsolete systems,  in name of religion. 

6.  Truly and sincerely speaking, a democracy can not ever survive along side a parallel theocracy, or theocratic parallel states  can not be allowed to operate with in a democratic state.

7.  Tragedy is that false and sham democracies like ours, are based on politics of numbers, which in turn depend upon creating identity and ideological divides within the society, religion being one of the major fulcrums to leverage this divide.

8.   As a result citizens of a  state repeatedly fail to realize that they are citizen members of a nation, a state, with its well defined rules of conduct and behaviour called 'LAW OF THE LAND' and a book called constitution. They most mistakenly keep on holding their holy books, over and above the constitution and Law of land. 

9.  As young children, people foolishly are taught and conditioned to hold in high esteem their religion, their priests, their so called holy books, where as majority of the citizens of any modern state have not even  seen the outer cover of their nation's constitution, which technically governs the day to day life of a modern state's citizens. Most sincerely speaking, an honest and law abiding citizen does not need any religion or religious teachings.

10.  We need to change all this. Any stupidity in the name of  religious  faith,  and I repeat 'any' religious faith, must be most strongly dealt with, if the modern state has to survive, or else we shall all perish, fighting each other and killing each other in the name of protecting our religions, and fighting our own narrow ended Jihads.

11.  कानून का राज स्थापित होना चाहिये, धर्म का नहीं, क्यों की आधे से ज्यादा गैर कानूनी काण्ड धर्म के नाम पर ही चल रहे हैं। सब से भृष्ट नेता, पार्टियां, या तंजीमें, वहीं हैं जो धर्म के नाम पर अपना सारा गोरख धन्दा चलाते हैं।  इस सब को बन्द करना हो गा।
🚩Truth alone is Supreme🚩
©@ ✒Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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