🚩Times of masquerading and pretentious politics in India.🚩 @ ✒GBG⚔

1.  India is passing through times, when leaders responsible for running the nation,  by providing good governance to the people, are busy masquerading and  indulging in  politics of pretention.

2.  To understand this, let's first look at the dictionary meaning of these two words. Masquerading is the process of acting  on stage wearing masks. It is  defined in real life as 'Living under False and Masked Portrayal of Oneself',  by putting up  a false or unreal show. Being Pretentious simply means  the act of pretending to be,  who one is not in real life. 

3.  In a democracy, when leaders of a nation, pretend that they are busy carrying out the business of people,  in the legislative assemblies and the parliament, whereas they are only busy putting up a noisy show,  neither amending nor making people friendly laws, they can said to be pretentious.

4.  When the elected representatives of a nation, being in an absolute majority, carry out a drama of fasting as a protest, blaming that the opposition has not allowed the business of parliament to  run,  but in the same house, in the same seasonal session, they give them selves a double salary hike, they can said to be pretentious.

5. When political leadership of a country wins elections by dividing the nation on religious and caste lines, but as and when suitable to them, they talk using nationalistic fervour, and dub any one opposing them as anti national, they can certainly be called pretentious.

6.  When a leadership talks of abolishing caste based reservation, wins an election on this ground, but the very same leadership,  promises continuation of caste based reservation,  at another place, to win another election, it is certainly a pretentious set of politicians in action.

7.  And last but not the least, when politicians, make it a business of going to London, Sweden and Germany, to rub shoulders with international leaders, only to portray their political height, to gullible suffering masses back home, by giving scripted answers to scripted questions in public interactions, or getting themselves carefully photographed with world leaders, or splashing their red  carpet welcome all over the media,    whereas they know fully well, that they are being despised and hated back home, for who they truly are,  they are nothing more than masquerades, busy masquerading to manipulate a whole nation.

8.  Now some stupid person may say, I am a Modi hater or baiter, but no, that is not the case. I supported him, and rather supported BJP, just because of Modi, but the reasons for this post are...

  (i).  Why in the year 2018,  more girls have already been raped, than in any single year till now ⁉

 (ii).   Why your party members took to streets to protect the rape accused ⁉

  (iii).  Why in Delhi, Rajshthan and Haryana, you become a Gau Rakashak, but in North-East you don't mind encouraging Gau Bhakshaks, because not allowing eating beef in Delhi, but allowing it's consumption in North east politically suits you ⁉

(iv).   Why the ATMs   are again drying up⁉

(v).    Why the huge fraudsters like Nirav Modi and Malaya, have not been caught⁉

 (vi).  Where is your 'Eeent ka Javaab Pathar sey' regarding Pakistan and China ⁉   Pakistan still continues to mess with India, and China is back in Doklahm, and even claiming Arunachal Pradesh more strongly than ever before. Why ⁉

 (vii).  Where is 15 lakh₹ blackmoney from swiss bank promised by you @ every Indian⁉

 (viii).  What happened to Uniform Civil Code ⁉

  (ix).  What happened to anti reservation bill ⁉

  (x).  Where is a real law on 'Teen Talaq'⁉

  (xi).  What happened to Dawood being brought back to India⁉

  (xii).  Why the paper leak scandals are rocking the nation under your 'Able' administration.⁉

  (xiii).  Why the prices of  roti, kapda and makaan  are rising📈 and rising📈 and rising📈 ⁉

  (xiv).  Why the fuel prices are soaring 📈 ⁉

  (xiv).  Why the crime rate is rising📈 ⁉

   (xv).  Why the politicians with criminal cases against them, are still being allowed to contest elections, and sit in state assemblies and parliament, your own party, having the largest share ⁉

There are many more questions, that the Indian public would like to ask our pretentious and masquerading leadership, and answers you will have to give.
In my opinion the only answer you have is.......
साला मैं तो साहिब बन गया,
साहिब बन के कैसा तन गया,
ये बूट मेरा देखो, ये सूट मेरा देखो,
जैसे गोरा कोई लन्दन का।। 🕵
🚩Truth alone is Supreme🚩
©✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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