🚩Does any Indian Politician need being given a second chance ⁉ © @ ✒GBG⚔

1.  Although some friends are of an opinion, that  continuing with the known devils, is a better choice, rather than showing them the door, because what is the use of replacing a crook with another crook ?

2.  We all must understand this singular fact,  that the folks in the business of politics, crooks as they all are, irrespective of who they are and to which party they belong to,  none of them deserve being, 'given another chance'. Who so ever he or she may be. This is technically essential for an evolving democracy to survive.

3.   My approach is, never give the same villian, a repeat chance.
The rational behind it is simple, it will only make the arrogant more arrogant, and criminals, more emboldened, if given a longer than, an accidental opportunity given to them.

4.   Why I am calling it an accidental opportunity, is because the system is designed for the undeserving to be elected in to chairs that deserve merit, and than for these elected ninkampoops to boss around on selected merit from across the nation.

5.  As far as substitutes are concerned, there are many available in our nation of one and half billion. But the 'M' gang is projecting only 'R' as an opposition substitute,  because he makes a good punching bag, but the reality is that there are any number of substitutes, both at regional and national level available, who will spring up, once the fakery of a group using lies and religion to stay in power is exposed. 

6.  Thus the only moto that indian voter should have is, VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENT AFTER every five YEARS, WHO EVER IT IS.

7.  The only way to keep the indian democracy alive is, by bringing in a change in government, as a ground rule,  after every five years. None of them are worthy of being awarded or rewarded twice for their lies, pretentious conduct and political masquerading.

🚩Truth Alone is Supreme🚩
🚩 तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
©✒ Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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