Who is responsible for the Indian Rot? A Person, or A System? @ 📿GBG⚔

Who is responsible for the Indian Rot?
A Person, or A System? @ 📿GBG⚔

© Recently  I wrote about a necessary need to rearrange our basic political system. As even an animal evolves, so also must a nation.

A friend observed that the system is not befooling us  but the representatives are befooling us, to which I agree and disagree both.

The representation is, and has  for long been undoubtedly corrupt, but the representatives of any nation, their quality and type, is a direct result of the system that governs the method of choosing the representatives.

I would like to respond to all such friends, who think that all is fine with Rome as it burns, because for  Rome's  condition, not Romans, but gods are responsible.

A nation is not brought down, burnt or destroyed by stellar constellations, or gods in heaven, or demons in hell, but a nation's downfall is always brought down by its own flaws. And the  flaws of a system governing a nation get reflected in it's people, and then via them in it's rulers.

So, before we take the blame off the system, and want to give it a clean chit,  we need to study it well, in light all the substitutes available, in light of all its flaws, and in light of all that we can do to improve it.

If the Indian system was perfect, why it would have bred, and why would it continue to breed corruption and incompetence.

The system does not encourage quality but quantity. Being a game of numbers alone, it necessarily encourages exploitation of
incompetence  and unawareness, where their numbers quite outnumber the truly deserving, aware and honest.

In this system the 'End is more important than the Means', thus it can never encourage and establish fairness and fairplay.

The system encourages manipulation and lies.

 The gaining of political power in India is totally based on, through and through manipulation  of public opinion, and emotions, how it is done is not a rocket science.

Being a representative democracy, it will only spring forward the majority's opinion, but what we need to understand is, what does 'Majority' imply in India and other third  world nations.

Janta has most stupidly been made to believe that the majority is to be decided on the basis of religion, caste, creed, region and other such considerations.

 As a result there are the Sikh lobbies, the Muslim lobbies, the Rajput, Jat, Gujjars, Patels, Dalits, and so many classifications and divides, on the basis of which the elections are being fought, where as the actual majority of India, and the world is that of unaware and poor folks, both materially and emotionally, un-poverished or under-poverished masses.

It is sad that in 21st century, after 70 years of existence, when scientifically, India has already left it's footprints in space, there is still, no sign of a large population of Indians, empowered with awareness.

 Sadly those who are aware of what is and is not in proper place, are swayed by baser emotions too.

Even if we take care of this much of the real issue,  and the atmosphere of political awareness is spread nice and proper with a warrior's zeal, the idea of India can still be saved.

Ironically, we are still embroiled in caste, creed and religion based politics, whereas by now the Indian politics should have evolved into  issue based politics. This is a huge tragedy.

राजनीती मुद्दों की नहीं हो रही, धर्म, मन्दिर, मस्जिद, गुरुद्वारा, गाय, भैंस, सूअर, बकरी, लाल, हरा, केसरी, सफेद,  जात पात की हो रही है। यह दुख़द है और इस के लिए व्यवस्था का खाका ज़िम्मेवार है। 

आका को बुरा भला कहने से या बार बार आका को बदल कर खाका नहीं बदला जा सकता। खाका ख़राब है तो खाका ही बदलना हो गा।
🚩Let Only The Truth Prevail🚩
📿Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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