Not Just a Laughing Matter..@ 📿GbG⚔

Not Just a Laughing Matter..@ 📿GbG⚔

© Quite recently, a new meme has become a fad on the social media, the media which in my opinion is the most powerful media in the age of internet.

This meme comprises of a set of few images. These images are that of our Prime minister, adressing the house, and a lady  politician from opposition laughing aloud, and then the chair of the house interrupting the PM, and then the Chair snubbing the laughing member of the house, and then PM, asking the chair not to take notice of the laughter,  and so forth and so on.

 As a result, people reacted to all this 'Live on Television' drama, in their own individual ways.

As the shrills and thrills were amply provided by the lady member, the Chair, the Prime Minister and other jeering or cheering members of the house, some people applauded the 'Laughter of RC' as also some applauded the Prime minister's satirical counter to Renuka Chaudhary's laughter. Some people pointed a finger at honourable lady member for her untimely and unsavory laughter,  as at the same time some  folks accused  the honourable PM of 'Fooling the Nation' with his 'Jumlaz'.

I have of late been thinking and brooding over the issue, and ultimately decided to think aloud.

In my candid opinion, it is the system that is fooling the nation, and not a person.  The system is such that only those, who have mastered the use of instruments of survival in this deceptive system, can survive.

 Look at all the elected representatives of people all across India, Pakistan and other subcontinental nations, the houses of representation are choked with crooks, liars and the most undeserving, barring a few.

In a system where merit has no place, where  numbers decide the leadership, and where the majority of voters are economically and emotionally exploitable, because of blatant poverty,  ignorance of laws, unawareness of fundamental rights, unwillingness to fulfill one's duties as a citizen, abuse of human rights, and an atmosphere of absolute absence of sence of self dignity, how can a democracy based on  'Rule of Maximum Number of People Thinking Alike, at a Given Moment', (wrongly termed as majority), ever said to be workable ? !

Fine with them, if some amongst you think, that this or that leader is fooling the nation by being too loud, but is the convenience of silence, also not equally sinful ?   After all it is not too long ago, that folks who find the incumbent PM too loud, had similarly harsh words for the Immediate past PM, for his silence.

If one gives an honest thought, its not difficult to look at an emerging pattern, in  people being critical of their politicians, at  a regular pace and base.

 What has any other political party or leader done for the nation, other than fooling it, by winning elections, by making tall promises but making small delieveries, post elections?

What credit do the politicians deserve, for bunching together and leading  a set of elected executives, who put up a sham show of running a nation, in fact run by a beurocratic executive, in turn further run by plutocrats and oligarchs.

The politicians and governments in past,  have also only run a corrupt and exploitative administrative machinery,  collected taxes from a few who generate honest or dishonest income, exploited the money collected thus, and ruled a huge mass of fools,  also at the same time  paying themselves extremly well, in terms of fat salaries and heavy perks,  for putting up this fake show.

 Even the past governments and leaders,  only protected and promoted scamsters,  paid themselves lavish salaries and perks,  as elected representatives of 'Janta', by fooling a majority of the unaware, uneducated, unthinking and emotionally foolish masses, who do not even understand the meaning of democracy, or the value of their votes.

How can you fool the foolish ?

So saying that Namo is fooling the nation is wrong. It is the system that has been fooling the nation, by making it feel like a democracy, where as it is in fact a mockery of a democracy.

A democracy, where majority decides as to who is going to represent a set of people,  and where the majority is hugely,  overwhelmed by ignorance, unawareness, shallowness, religious regional and caste prejudices, how can any justice, order or equilibrium be expected.

Well if such a huge gathering of unthinking, irrational, superstitious, hugely opinionated,  people is to be termed as a nation, it does not need to be fooled.  Such a nation by default is 'Self Fooling'.

A Nation, where the majority of voters vote for  their religious, regional, or other shallow identities like caste, colour, creed, or as selfish or  as little a concern as a raise in their salary, or for announcement of their cult or sect's head baba's  birthday being declared a holiday, it is certainly not a progressive democratic nation, but a 'Nation of the Ignorant Fools.'

Let us not forget that a 'Nation' is a huge entity which moves itself. If it chooses a system, where it allows it self to be cheated, again and again, repeatedly, and if this cyclic pattern gets converted in to a design, than no one can be accused of cheating or fooling such a nation. Yes,  it can safely be called a 'Self Decieving Entity' designed for 'Self Deception'.

So I do verily say that, It is the system that is fooling the nation, and not a person.  The system is such, that only the smartest amongst a crowd of crooks can survive.

Thus accusing Namo of lying to the nation is unfounded.  He is only a political survivor in an unsurviavabally corrupt political  system, a survivor, who is forced to use,  the instruments and  tools of survival, that work best in this given system.
🚩In Service of Eternal Truth🚩
📿Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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