The Pak Foreign Minister issues a nuclear threat to india'. @ ✒ By Guru Balwant Gurunay🕯

'Khawaja Mohammad Asif, The Pak Foreign Minister,  issues a nuclear threat to india'.
@ ✒ By Guru Balwant Gurunay🕯

© Pakistan or India have no dearth of fools, who have played spoilsports to better relations betwen the two co-borns.

There are, Khawaja Mohammad Asif, Zaid Hamid, and others, who have been foolishly trying to not only promote fundamentalist Islamization of Pakistan, but have also been ensuring that Indo-Pak friendship is sabotaged time and again.

Such luantics have done more harm to the subcontinent, than any other enemies of these two  nations.

Zaid Hamid tou chalo ek Khabti hai jo apne ahmakana biyaano se jalti mein ghee daalney ke ilaava kuch nhin jaanata, lekin Khwaaja Sahib ki aqal bhi kya ghaas charney nikal gayi hai.

People like Zaid Hamid are often heard  saying that India is frustrated, thus not getting in to Afghanistan, and thus America has no choice but to be friends with Pakistan.

These people  do not understanding that, America will soon crash in to Pak and the chinese would rather let it happen, because this is what suits, both the giants.

 India is not as foolish as the gang,  these crazy strategists  belong to.

India firstly does not believe in foolishly  fighting other people's wars. Secondly India is having very friendly relations with America, Israel, Russia and Afghanistan.

India even tried its best to be friends with Pakistan, but all its  efforts, have continously been sabotaged by likes of ISI sponsored Zaid,  and others who think like him, and act for shallow popularity, rather than, for the larger good of, either their nation, or the region at large.

Let's understand once and for all, that India has a clear policy of not to ingress 'with  boots on'  in to any neighbour's territory, until and unless instigated beyond tolerable limits, and that too only for the purpose of its own self defence.

Thus , it should be well understood that India is neither financially indebted to any super power, nor politically willing to take orders from America, China or any one else, unlike Pakistan.

 We have a mind of our own.  Inspite of all the criticsm, that our PM Namo, may have to face back home for some financial policies,  he has undoubtedly done a yeoman job in building and strengtning India's image and clout internationally.

 Thus India today, stands tall as  a friend of  many highly developed nations, who are more than willing to sell their weapons and technology to India. India also has established its credentials, as a peace loving nation beyond any reasonable doubts.

Let me also point out that a statement by Pakistan's foreign minster, Khawaja Mohammad Asif, where in he has once again issued a nuclear threat to india, is not only extremly misfortunate, but is a sign of intellectual and strategic  bankruptcy, that the Pakistan government is facing.

On the other hand, people like Zaid Hamid are talking of having achieved a Reclamation of a continously disintegrating Pakistan. Zaid is telling a blatant lie to his own people, and the world at large.

I  mean who are these folks fooling ?

Gilgit and Baltistan are sold out to China, in Baluchistan the chinese military and navel presence is an open book information.

Gwadar and  Jiwani are physically held by the Chinese. Karachi is full of dissent and Baluchistan can give a call for absolute independence any day, than whom are these guys fooling.

Indians like me would appeal to the right minded and straight thinking Pakistani intellectuals to drive some sence in to such nutcases, and give the Indian subcontinent a chance at peace.

We would like Pakistsn to reconsider its options, and rather than becoming a Chinese puppet after having remained an American puppet for too long, it would be both prudent and pragmatic for Pakistan, to shake hands with its brother India, and move the subcontinent away from slavery and disgrace, to a respectable place in the world.
🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
📿Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

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