🎅Of Baba's Gurus, Sadhvis, Politics and Sex.💑

🎅Of Baba's Gurus, Sadhus, Saadhvis, Politics and Sex💑.
✒By Guru Balwant Gurunay⛩

©  Spiritualists, Babas, Monks, Peers, Gurus, GuruMaas,  Jain Munis and even the Pope have all been accused of rape, and scores of other sexual misconducts, in past aswellas in the very recent times.

All this has a lot to say, not just about the falling standards of some spiritualists but also at the same time extremely hypocritical values and expectations that the society has built around its teachers, priests, monks and supposedly holy men and women.

All this goes way well to prove that, firstly  sex is a need indeed of all homosapiens, and its oppression is only going to give rise to perverted and criminal sex,  and secondly that, character assassination based on sex, is the most convenient tool to destroy a person, man or woman both.

As a Baba  if you have a drink, or stay quite drunk most of the times,  you may get away with it by merely   being called a 'Tipsy Monk', 'Talli Baba' or a 'Mast Baba'.

Remaining high on charas or cannibass may just about get you a nick name of a 'Charasi baba', a 'Stoned Monk' or a 'Bhangi Baba'.

 You can even get away by beating your disciples black and blue, because you might become famous as a ,  'Danda-Swami',  a 'Stick Monk' or a 'Sottey wala Baba', but  if you think of having sex as a baba, you are bound to be dubbed as a pacca hypocrite, a sinner, or a balaatkaari.

A bloody whore, who may have slept with 5 men in the same bed,  has today suddenly acquired a power to destroy any one, if she has enough incentive to do so, and I must submit here that, I do not by saying so, mean that, all cases in this context are mere false allegations, but the criminal and malicious application of such accusations today,  is very highly possible.

Now, what is the solution?

Solution is simple. The solution is that being a baba as such, should not be associated anymore with abstaining from sex alone, and such abstention should not be considered, as a grand human virtue.

For Baba's, the lesson learnt should be that they must cast off this hypocrisy of sexual abstention.  Rather if you have a woman friend, one should be quite open about the whole affair.

 Baba's can not be hypocrites any more, and also must at the same time remember, never ever to touch a woman, who has no desire, to be sleeping with them, period.

If you like sex, proclaim so, by either getting married,  or else be as open about it, as Lord Krishna was, if you have the guts to do so.

The society should also remember,  that if you respect some one as a baba for being a non-drinking, non-smoking and non-screwing person, you are only encouraging hypocrisy.

 These most lowly benchmarks of virtue are the main reasons for all the chaos in the society today.

If you respect a man for not eating meat, there are enough thuggs in Benares who do not even touch non-veg, but are master thieves and thuggs. If it is non drinkers and non smokers whom you think are holy, there are enough criminal killers going around, who dont touch neither wine nor cigarettes, and if  abstaining  from sex alone is the greatest virtue in your mind, than please, the castrated bulls are quite worthy of your virtuous adoration.

So lets not forget, that being a Guru or a Guide is all about  knowledge, skills, wisdom and one's ability to show the way, and not one's personal habits of consumption or abstinence.

The protection of dignity of women is, undoubtedly extremly important for a healthy society, but making the word 'Rape' once said by a woman, a Kim-Jong's hydrogen bomb button, good enough to destroy some one's world is devastatingly  harmful for society, in the long run.

 This  new trend of fixing someone via the rape allegation route, is bound to be counterproductive in the long run.

  Lets take the example of Baba's, atleast for the time being, most of the Baba's will be doubly careful, therefore  murders  of Baba sex victims might increase many folds as a result, or else on the honest side,  it could even start a neo-age Baba trend, where the Gurus and Baba's will start proclaiming openly that they do not abstain from either sex, or liquor,  or charas etc etc, and they do not abstain from good life, beautiful women,  luxurious cars or palatial abodes.

The second one seems better as atleast in that case, the society will have more honesty and less hypocrisy.

What makes one a Guru, Gurumaa or a Baba, is their ability to organise, interpret and expound knowledge and wisdom. An honest Guru, Gurumaa or a Baba, should be bold enough to say that I am a normal healthy human being, and if a beautiful woman or a man was to wish to sleep with me, willingly make love as per her/his desire, I might oblige, if the attraction is mutual.

This line of thought however still does not make sex with unwilling women, against their freewill, or soliciting women in to sex by false promises, or dragging them, or threatening them for sex any less a crime.

So the teachers, religious or otherwise should understand that they need not wear false cloaks of holiness. If they feel like finding a nice fuck, they should rather look for it amongst mutually consenting adults attracted to them, rather than coercing gullible unwilling women in to sleeping with them, or forcefully dragging women to have sex with them, as this way they are bringing great disrepute to the teaching and mentoring community in general.

 And also, on the lighter side, having some kind of mutually consenting legal document signed by both consenting adults, registered with an attorney, signed by two witnesses etc etc atleast, is not a bad idea.

 Rape accusations as a tool of arm-twisting, and fixing any opposition  has today become, a tool for any one with crooked financial or political motives.

This trend is extremly dangerous for society.  Like in America, Al  Capone, could not be fixed ever by government, as he left no trails, either on the drug routes or liquor mafia, which he controlled, but this genius criminal got fixed in a tax evasion case, and thenon, the tax evasion accusations became more and more  popular as the claw hand of establishment, and quite the same is happening with the phenomena of using rape accusations as a tool to fix any one in India.

If one has the need for sex, why the hell should that person hide it from himself and others and go in to a denial mode. Be open about it, knowing well that,  any thing other than mutually consented sex  is a crime in eyes of law, society and God as well.
🕊तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल 📿
✒ ©Guru Balwant Gurunay⛩

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