Religions that don't evolve are DEADWOOD.

© Friends being a rationalist I often talk about and against fundamentalism in any religion or philosophy including Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam etc.
Sometimes people accept and appreciate the logic but some times they do get offended.
Most of those who get offended resort to an old trick. As a last resort they put up a counter argument that you (Guru Gurunay) not being a follower of our religion, and not having read our holy scriptures, your argument may be based on assumptions.
They say it assuming that I have Presented my argument based on partial browsing of their scriptures or having read its interpretations in lines here and there.
A similar incident happened recently where an old friend from Islam did not take kindly to my very polite observations about some of its extremly rude practices, like an absolute intolerance of other religions and its flawed concepts on women's jurisprudence.
The gentleman shot at me the same argument that firstly I am not a Muslim and secondly I have not read the Quran.
This is my answer to my Islamic friend and I am putting it here on record and for public scrutiny both.
I have read the Quran and it finds a place in my personal library along with Bhagvat Gita, Bible, Japji, other works of Nanak, Mahabharata and Yog-Vashisht, loads of Osho, JK and many more.
I have had detailed discussions on religions and other philosophical issues with learned murshids and scholars.
So do hold your guns before shooting from the hip on issues philosophical and theological as you are not dealing with a Gringo here but a hard core rational cowboy who has fought and lived through not one but many intellectual battles.
Now the matter in hand.......
Truly speaking, nothing matters, either my argument based on logic ........that all religions have inherent flaws and they need to evolve ..........or your argument based on faith alone ........that there in fact are heavens in the skies etc etc and Rasool was the last and perfect prophet or whether Hindu gods actually had four hands or not etc etc.
What matters at the end is whether the out come of an idea concept or ideology is Just and productive for society or not.
Every religion is founded to bring justice peace and order to society. If rather than that it serves as an instrument of adding chaos to society its of no use.
As far as justifying any concept or plan on basis of unique circumstances that prevailed when a concept was founded or a plan made... is no excuse at all for executing it ditto in the present set of circumstances.
Any insistence on sticking to past logic and traditions of a religion to justify its present is the first sign of it being obsolete and spent.
Two cardinal benchmarks must be applied while judging a religion.
1. If followers of any religion are unable to evolve, as in their faith is unable to evolve to present times, and if they depend for any and every thing they refer to on suunnat....or tradition as they say.... that too a tradition set 1500 years ago, there is some thing seriously wrong.
Going strictly by that you should not be using a car, but riding a camel, you should only be eating dates for breakfast and not bread and omelette. You should not be wearing jeans as that way you follow the sunnat of Clint Eastwood rather than your prophet. You should not be living in high rise buildings but tents, or to top it all you should not be in India, Europe or America at all.
Well going by pure tradition, you should only be living in the desert of Arabia. Even the Sahara and Thar desert dwelling is not as per sunnat strictly because Rasool never lived here.
2. If a religion even after 1500 years of having been found has to resort to violence, sword and gun politics, just to be heard, it is basically flawed.
The problem with some muslim brothers is that they always mistake courteous silence of their other faith friends as either acceptance of their ideology and logic or simply as a hint of intimidation.
Many people born in Islam had outgrown this fixated mind set a long time back.
Baba Fareed, Baba Bullehshah, Baba Hashmat shah, Amir Khusro sahib, and many more great saints, PBUT are just few of them. Then a great King like Akbar who many fools think was an illiterate but was in fact a very well self taught and awakened man fully denounced Islam and founded Deen E Ilahi, to substitute Islam with in India.
So the fact remains that the key is not to silence dissent by beheading or murdering the questioning voices but answer them with logic and if all that you have is references from a dead past, then gracefully accept it and move forward rather than roll a Civilization back in to dark ages.
As far as the young pigeons on chessboard are concerned, they are free to strut around. Inexperience is forgivable and as we all know its no use arguing with idiots. .............Guru Balwant Gurunay.

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