On Sex and Spirituality.............. Guru Gurunay.

                                            Many people read a bit of Sigmund Freud or some new age spiritualists like Osho, and start thinking of them as psychologists or gurus who advocated free and unrestricted sexual indulgence.  Some move ahead to use their theories or teachings as an excuse to have unhindered and dangerous sexual liaisons.

                                       Some of my students have often asked me whether sex is a sin or a virtue and does it have any other role to play in our lives, over and above reproduction ? Can we realise divinity via sex, which otherwise is such a taboo word in our society ?  Is their any prudent pragmatism to it or is it another self deceiving paradox ?
                                       Well, sex is a way to realize 'self', 'divinity' or 'God' , but only if handled very very responsibly. In the animal kingdom it is just a way to continue the species but in humans alone it also works as an expression of love. This does not mean all sex is love or all love is sex alone.

                                         So please do not misunderstand 'Sambogh se Samadhi' as if it were a handbook  on spiritual realization via Sex, as if it were a work advocating sex as the only gate to certain or assured realisation. It  happens to be one of the many methods, a dangerous path,  other safer methods being, Self study. Sadhu sangat, Sat sangat,  dance, music, 'Self Contemplation/Chintan', 'Discussion/Charcha/Zikar' or even silence. Also remember that, for self realization, none of the ways above work as a substitute for each other. They all compliment each other, but only if used using the most uncommon sense, called common sense.

                                         Yes, Sex is one of the ways to realize the great natural energies lying dormant in our body, the body which is nothing but physical manifestation of our mind and our spirit. It is highly acknowledged in the Tantric yogic techniques but it is one of the most dangerous, misleading, misinterpreted and misused methods.

                                         To turn it into a truly effective tool of sadhna, partners must be evolved and matured in ways of using this instrument/technique for a purpose higher then physical gratification alone.  Both the partners , I repeat both the partners must be matured enough to understand the concepts of human dignity, mutual respect, morality, ethics and law.

                                          If someone wants to use sex as an instrument for saadhna, saadhaks have to be aware of the pitfalls of attachment, trying to control the other person,  or lose all self control as well as watch out for pitfalls such as carelessness about matters related to body-health, body safety,  mind-health, mind-safety and Social health and social safety. Also the minds involved should be pure bodies clean and the act natural.

                                         Anyone stepping in to this field with half baked knowledge or simply as a cover-up for simple physical or carnal satiation alone finds himself/herself in deep slush of confused values and morality.

                                         It is worth mentioning here that youngsters must not forget that sex is one of the biggest motives for crime in human society, the other two being real estate and money. So any one posing to be knowing sex as a method, or having gained any substantial insight into spirituality via sex,  must be handled with caution as he/she could  just be using spirituality as a facade.

                                         Many social groups posing to be mentally evolved communes, or lifestyle  clubs, could in fact be using an ideology or lifestyle facade, simply to mask the hidden intent or motive,  which could be sex, crime or drugs. Whenever you see a group of people bonding together thicker than usual, do look for  bonding motives carefully.  It is extremely easy to figure things out if you keep your eyes and ears open.

                                         Such groups cast a net to attract new members by putting on a mask of gentle behaviour, happy environment and  a broad minded openness, spirituality or some social cause like education or social service etc etc,. Their  actual intentions are verily  being that of finding new partners for sex, group sex, unnatural sex or drugs etc. Be careful as you move around in their spiritual realms, unwinding yourself,  as you may also be running the risk of being filmed by them in your lose moments and such videos later being to blackmail you or the gullible victim.

                                          Some youngsters enter into sexual relations just for a kick or for sheer adventurism. They often end up creating misadventures for themselves and others. To sum it up, I would like to say that sex, is not just a physical issue for us humans. It is an issue, related to, and resulting  in  many emotional and spiritual consequences, strong enough to uplift a person physically, mentally and spiritually or else, equally strong and capable of totally destroying  a person.

                                               Last but not the least, prudence and pragmatism are as important in matters here as elsewhere in human life. The answer to the last query, if sex is a paradox ? Well yes, sex is a paradox for those who indulge in it irresponsibly,  never ever trying to fully understand this subject and barge in to this quagmire as if it were a jacuzzi tub,  but a simple equation for those who take time out to understand it before stepping in to it.
...OM Tat Sat....
... Guru Gurunay aka Basho aka Poet Balwant Gurunay...

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