Is it OK to think that AAP, a political party's victory in a quasi state of Delhi is the beginning of true Inqlaab.

A letter to one and all well meaning nationalists and patriots from a fellow REBEL. I am sure all those who understand what true inqlaab means will agree............ Poet balwant gurunay.

                                        I think my friends in AAP must have celebrated the victory and friends in BJP must have finished with the mourning , If your naachna gana and rona dhona is over......Let us indulge in some straight talk.

                                      First observation is for BJP friends and specially  Namo ...... all that you need to understand is that loud mouth tactics, arrogant body language, arrogant voice tone and language, mudslinging and breaking the glass windows of others when you your self live in glass houses is not tolerable to Indian public anymore.

                                   The days of theatrical antics are over. So better get over your stupidly cocksure attitude and get back in to the serious business of public service which is your  job in the first place or be prepared to go the congress way.

Now for my AAP friends :-

                                        Any change is good for healthy democracy but only if not brought on false promises. It is not AK 49 but the Anger of people of Delhi supported by  Punjab and Chandigarh who have humbled BJP. Its the anger of people against the establishment that has worked in Delhi. Sad part is that they have been led to think that this  anger is represented best by likes of Sisodiya Visvaas and Kejri.

                                        I have no problem with the Anger because I am my self a Rebel but my problem is that this anger has been hijacked by a wrong set of people.  My simple question to my friends is ......So large are the claims and promises made by these neo netas to the people of Delhi that they are practically unfulfillable.

For example how does AK plan fulfilling his promises like...

Free 700 liters of water to every household daily.
To immediately fill 55,000 vacancies in government departments.
To enforce an education loan guarantee scheme.
500 new schools,
20 new colleges
Free Wi-Fi throughout Delhi.
Halving the Electricity bills.
Delhi to be made a solar city.
Special reservations for senior citizens and youth…
Delhi a Drug-free city
Assured Justice for victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots with in months.
Gram sabhas to make decisions regarding Delhi's villages
Extension of Lal Dora
Unified transport authority for a holistic transport policy
E-rickshaw will be protected.
Better facilities to industrial areas
To provide loans to young entrepreneurs at low interest rates
To turn Delhi into a manufacturing hub.
Licences and permanent spaces for street vendors.
Delhi Jan Lok pal Bill.
Legislating Swaraj Act.
Full Statehood for Delhi.
Bring an end to raid and inspector raj...and there are many more promises.
                                              If the people of this country can get disillusioned with Modi in just about 100 days and have 100 questions to ask....... will they not have questions for AK.  AAPs victory is in fact the  victory of people’s anger against the establishment. Think of it.  The same System, Similar Elections in that same old system, Similar unfulfillable promises.

                                              Friends all that we have got is a new set of rulers to preside over the same old rotten system and people are celebrating it as change.  In no way can this be termed as change. It is only a change of party and not that of the system.  Citizens of Bharatvarsha’s capital city have only been able to cheat themselves by going into an exercise of changing the guard at the queen’s palace assuming as if they have changed the queen.

                                             I am forced to write this because I am seeing and hearing a lot of Inqlaab Zindabad slogans as if this is an inqlaab. I appeal to my well meaning and honest minded friends not to let their very well meaning patriotic sentiments be hijacked by a new gang of some very smart politicians.  I want to tell my well meaning brothers and sisters that true inqlaab can only come if we change the system and not just the one’s who preside over it.

                                            Let us not confuse changing the driver of a train with a change in the train. By changing the driver a third class train will not become a bullet train. The train is still the same and heading in same old direction with only one difference…… some of the passengers who were with us in abusing and cursing the past drivers of this train, have been successful in stopping the train, throw out its old driver and staff and take control of the driver’s seat and the ticket window. You still are the passengers on the same old train on the same old track heading in the same old direction.

                                            I respect the common man’s zeal for bringing change but when this zeal is being used by a new political setup  just like in the past by other political parties, a candid quill must lay bare the truth in service of our Mother land.  Warm regards to all…….    
                                                                                        ......Guru Gurunay aka poet balwant gurunay.

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