If there is God or NOT

Guru Gurunay's Video
                                          Many a times people argue over the question of whether their is God or not. Many rationalist moralists and social campaigners do not believe in the existence of God. Many believers think that their belief in God it self makes them distinct and better human beings than the rest of the homosapiens. They not only move around with a false sense of enlightenment but even a false sense of entitlement.

                                      Verily I tell them that your Janeoos, crosses, kadas, turbans, your white or bhagva dresses, long or short hair, your reading the same lessons again and again every morning and evening like primary school kids is a sure sign of the fact that you still have to grow and evolve.

                                      Verily Verily I can say if reading bible, geeta, quran, japji and Mahabharta could not evolve you, you need less of your outer symbols of your loyalty to your false Gods and need more of a deeper understanding of the philosophy of your prophets who have written and recorded whatever they have realised in the light of absolute logic for the sake of morality and peace. Any packaging of their messages in divine boxes is only to add a halo to the message and not confuse you. All confusion is the creation of priestly class.

                                     Whenever confronted by logic these so called religious people start quoting from their holy books or start advising us to read them so as to be enlightened. My answer to all bibles, Qurans, SGGS's and other holy books is that as far as lessons in them on ethics and morality are concerned, I respect them all but as far as the explanations of an omnipotent omnipresent and all powerful God are concerned and his Ibadat/pooja/paath/ havan/ yagya/ Akhand Paath etc are concerned..I completely trash the Idea.

                                     These rituals are nothing but a way of giving solace to those who don't even wish to understand the real essence of holy books, which is establishment of Ethics and morality in society.
                                     For example the Sikhs who Follow Guru Nanak's Philosophy, A great rationalist and moralist, a great social crusader, a great logician waste 300 liters of milk to wash a single gurdwara every friday in Patiala. This is being done as a ritual in many Guru dwaras all across India including hazoor sahib gurudwara. If the logic is to save the marble floor, it can be better done with mansion polish. Ironically these are the same people who trash the idea of hindus offering millions of liters of milk on stone shiva Lings ( Shiva's phalous).

                                        I am Sure if Baba Nanak ji had been alive he would have told his followers not to waste milk on washing gurudwara floors but feed it to orphans or maybe leave it for the calves for a day. He would have asked them to feed the poor rather than the dead souls. He would have advised them once again to water their fields instead of Sun god. The irony is that when the spirit of philosophy of a great Guru like Nanak gets hijacked by priestly class, it becomes imprisoned in another temple or a mosque controlled by similar Mullahs and Brahmins against whom Baba had stood all the time.

                                         So Morality and not religion is the answer to the modern world's quest for truth. We don't need the vehicle of any religion to fulfill this need. We need to have a simple curriculum beginning at primary school level and continuing well into the advance classes, where personalities like Nanak Kabir and Swami Vivekanand are not presented as religious miracle makers but ethical movers and shakers of society.

                                         The best christian I have seen in my life time is Mother Teresa, was she just a christian ...no sir , she was a great human. The best Muslims I have known is Baba Farid Ji and Baba Bulleh Shah ji, The best HINDU or SIKH I have seen alive in my life is Bhagat Puran Singh Ji of PingalWara. Now if someone was to ask him if he is a Sikh or a Hindu, he would simply have said that, he is neither a sikh, nor a hindu but a man devoted to service of humanity and environmental protection and service to mother earth, a man devoted to goodness which rather than practising in their day to day life the people of this world find more convenient to personify and worship as GOD.

                                         I seek to draw the attention of all pseudo believers of all organised religions to this simple Epicurian logic........
Is God willing to protect Evil but nor able ? Then he is not omnipotent !
Is He able but not willing to prevent evil ? Then he is malevolent !
Is God both able and willing to prevent evil ? Then whence cometh Evil ?
Is he neither able nor willing ? THEN WHY CALL HIM GOD.........?

...........I know none of you have a straight answer for it though you have baskets full of your jalebi logic. ...........Guru Gurunay aka Poet balwant Gurunay.

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