Godse a Villain or not....?

On January 30, 1948, Gandhi was shot dead by Nathu Ram Godse. His in camera trial began on May 27 1948 and concluded on February 10 1949. He was sentenced to death.

                           The media and government of independent India and the international media always dubbed NRG as a villain. But is that all that is there to it. Was NRG a depraved criminal or a thinking man, a patriotic nationalist or any anti India? Should he be thrown in to the dustbin of political hate or should he be judged on some other measures as well.

                            Before being sentenced to death in Punjab High courts of yore in Shimla, Godse gave a long and deliberate statement about his motive to assassinate Gandhi.

                             One of the Judges present there recorded in hos later memoirs that if the audience present in the court was to judge the case, ...they would have overwhelmingly said, 'Not Guilty'. Any ways, Godse was sentenced to death by hanging but his story refused to die with him as it lives on, stronger and clearer by every passing day. To read what Godse had to say. on why he killed Gandhi, click here. Why I Killed Gandhi...In Godse's words 

                          I researched deeply on topics of India's freedom struggle, partition, hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev and India becoming a highly corrupt nation,post independence. After due deliberation, this is what I have to say. I might sound harsh to some, judgmental to some, honest to some and bold to some.

                            Personally, I am of the opinion that Godse came in too late and did too little. I say so because by the time he actually decided to remove Gandhi from the political scene of India by surgical intervention, the vitals of this great nation had already been damaged beyond repair.

                               The partition of India had been put in place. The Ganga Yamuna (Ganga-Januni) cultural fabric of this nation was shread beyond repair. Hindu Muslim divide was embedded in the Indian mind set for ever. So I strongly believe that had Godse stepped in a little earlier, he would have done a much greater service to our nation.

                                 In absence of Gandhi, no power could have stopped Sardar Patel from being the president of congress party and then the prime minister of India. Nehru was force pressed on India, courtesy Gandhi and Mountbatten. I do like Nehru’s suave style, oratory and writing skills, but he was only good enough to be a vice chancellor of some university or at the most, foreign minister of India.

                                  The forcible and manipulative maneuvers to keep a visionary and a Karm yodha like Patel subservient to a smooth player like Nehru was a great damage done to the possibility of a a strong and vibrant India. By my standards Gandhi's ensuring that Nehru becomes congress president in-spite of overwhelming support for Patel should have been reason enough for Godse to move forward with his plans but Mr. Godse, it seems was a little confused or could not really get his wits around himself to pull the trigger.

                                 Secondly Godse did just half the cleaning. Three more criminals, whom I consider guilty of great crime of dissecting and dismembering India, namely Mountbatten, Jinnah and Nehru were left alone to damage our nation further. Had Godse done a little more, again Sardar would have taken charge and things could be different, but alas, it was not to be so.

                                   If today some Indian Muslims think of themselves as more Muslims rather than Indians, and Some Hindus, consider themselves more Hindus rather than Indians, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of those who steered the destiny of this nation as it was born.

                                   All this noise about Hindu Pride, Sikh pride and Muslim pride and very few people voicing Indian Pride over and above their religion is result of British divide and rule policy further kept alive by Nehru and his cronies in name of pseudo secularism to ensure that, Muslim vote bank works for them.

                                    Had Godse gone a little further, India would have been saved from 70 years of torture, in the name of pseudo secularism, which all and every time boiled in to riots and violence and many other internal security threats for India.

                                    In my opinion religion being such a dominant preoccupation with Indians, much stronger than their sense of nationalism and patriotism is the result of a carefully planned and executed policy, designed and put in place by Britishers as a part of their divide and rule strategy. 

                                      Tragically this policy was then carried forward by our own politicians for a few votes, to warm their behinds on chairs of power, even at the cost of nation building. I am a firm believer of secularism but not at cost of my nation. How can someone be allowed to burn the Indian flag in India, and how can we tolerate third  grade criminalized politicians ruling over millions of patriots. We too must follow Godse's example. In spite of every thing Gandhi was by far better than today's politicians.

                                   This is the end-result of Nehru’s policy. I can verily verily say, had India been captained in to its freedom by Sardar Patel, we would have had a corruption free India. The basic character of Indian leadership would have been that of disciple and strong nationalist values, rather than opportunist thugs dominating the political scene.
                                  If you come to think of it, Modi’s or for that matter any national as well as truly nationalistic leader’s biggest challenge today is, to clean the political culture of India saturated with selfish, opportunist and shallow politicians both outside and within his own party.

                                   For India to truly progress our political character needs a complete paradigm shift. The mess is not easy to clean and could take years but it must change. I know it is asking too much from Modi as It’s like asking a man to work in a coal mine without getting coal dust on him, or to clean a chimney without soiling one self, but the real nation building can only happen from this point to begin with.

                                     The culture of corruption is a legacy of Nehru and the inheritors of his seat and traditions, which India could have been saved from only if NRG had moved a little further ahead by removing some obstacles in the way of a leader like Sardar Patel. Had he done a little more, moved a little further, India by now would have been the India of our dreams.
                                               Jai Hind. Vande Matram, Jai Akhand Bharat.
                                                              ...Poet balwant gurunay...

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