Having served both in Army and police, having read 100's of books on different subjects, having run more than 5000 training workshops, Having talked to people from all areas of life and having suffered because of the turmoil in the region, having lost a very respected and dear member of my family to criminalised terrorism, I had always thought if I could nail it, can I sum it up all, a conflict that refuses to die............... well this is what it is.

                                                               Why Indo-Pak problems can never be sorted out before a major turmoil in the region is because both these countries have become kleptocracies. 

                                                                  Kleptocracy is a form of government which exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often under cover of honest service. 

                                                                There is only one difference in both these states. In India it is a Kleptocratic functional anarchy being ruled by a coterie of super rich business houses and super corrupt politicians whereas Pakistan is a kleptocratic Rogue State being ruled by Religio-political Mafia and Army. 

                                   All said and done........... Pakistan is a victim of its own   designs. Fundamentalist islamists have turned it into a rogue state. India because of its huge size, a huge population and a huge economy repeatedly overcomes its pains and pangs to at least survive as a functional anarchy where as Pakistan does not enjoy that luxury and is moving towards becoming an absolute anarchy...... 

   Guru Gurunay aka poet balwant gurunay.

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