The attack on Peshawar Army School resulting in death of 145 innocent children and injuring many more is an extremely tragic result of inhuman fundamentalism once again exposing its dark as hell side.

                                   This is bound to happen when people get over involved with an Unseen and Unfelt God but fail to love their fellow humans whom they see every day............ That is why Shaheed Bhagat Singh refused to believe in any entity such as God even till his last breath. Any kind of blind faith in any kind of God is result of shallow, unscientific and illogical thinking and this concept of religion and God is the Opium of masses and the drug of fools turning them into foolish fundamentalists.

                                 One of my dear friends was shocked, as all of us are at this incident. and his reaction was," How could these heartless bastards do it ? 

                           My candid answer was,' 'Exactly the way heartless bastards pulled innocents out of buses and shot them dead in Punjab, exactly the way heartless bastards burnt alive innocent Hindu pilgrims in Godhra train, exactly the way heartless bastards killed thousands of innocent Muslims in Gujarat riots, exactly the way heartless bastards burnt alive a Christian priest and his children in Orissa and exactly the way heartless bastards killed thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi riots'. To sort out these heartless bastards we too should act like them........Be heartless when dealing with them.

                               A man drunk on religious bigotry, irrespective of his being a Muslim, Sikh or a Hindu is as high, unreasonable and bad a man as the one with a  heavy dose of synthetic drug in his veins. The only difference is that in case of fanaticism the drug is not injected in the vein but brain.  They are in a senseless state of mind and are capable of any atrocity. 

                                  Let us also not forget that this very unfortunate attack by some zombie terror group is a targeted attack. It is a reaction to Pakistan army's selective approach in hitting at terror. In Waziristan and Gilgit they are going all out hitting out at Shia’s and other select groups or ethnicities whereas patronizing the terror groups in POK and Punjab to wage a proxy war against India. 

                             Pakistan's innocent citizens are paying the price for the double standards of their politicians and misadventures of ISI. My appeal and advice to Pak ISI officers would be to work towards realizing a vision of a truly progressive Pakistan and for that they must, and I say again, must hunt down all fundamentalists all across Pakistan and ruthlessly eliminate them. 
                            This approach must be followed all across the world to eliminate the curse  of extremism from all across our world. There should be zero tolerance towards any terrorism, may be Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Islamic terrorism.
                     The root of this problem lies in religion and politics marrying each other and giving birth to an absolute Devil called 'Religious Fundamentalism'. This is an extremely tragic and unholy alliance. In my opinion all religious fundamentalists must be treated like vermin, hunted down and eliminated irrespective of their religion. 

                                  Also in any modern progressive and developing country there should be state support for culture, song, music, poetry, art and dance which encourage brotherhood but absolutely no place for organised religion. All temples mosques and gurudwaras must immediately be converted into silent libraries and meditation halls where people can go to read books, learn music or just meditate and contemplate but no religious mass or preaching should be allowed. If somebody wants to read Quran, Bible, Gita Ramayana or SGGS let him sit in silence and peace and read it.

                                Where is the need to build such high drama around scriptures with all the Priests Mullahs Pandits and Granthis trying to explain them with their half baked knowledge and politically prejudiced concepts.  If you respect scriptures read them but don't create a ritualistic Drama around them, as it is the drama which attracts the fools and ends up in tragedies like this and many others the world has seen.  

                              We all condemn the tragic incidents like ‪#‎peshawarschoolattack‬. But we must not fail to empathise and truly sympathise with the situation. To do so we need to put our own house in order as well. Let all religious people contemplate over the fact that their should be no place in their religion for violent expression of their faith. Those who don't follow any religion or are atheists...let me assure you friends ..the doors of heaven are already wide open for you and I congratulate you for not turning our mother earth into 'A Living Hell' at least. 
Poet balwant Gurunay
aka Guru Gurunay

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