NAMO...Its high time to sweep the Rajneetik Gandagi (Political Muck) of India.

Why does India need systemic changes......................?
Recently a remark by one of the female MP's of BJP in which she was addressing all supporters of BJP as Ramzaadey and all those who don't support BJP as Haramzaadey not only got the opposition into the well of the house, enraged millions pan India and embarrassed a well meaning and highly intelligent Prime Minister Narendra Modi but this unsavoury remark by this sadhvi is also forcing social crusaders like me to once again make a strong demand for shift in our democratic system.

                      It is high time that we bring in a system where in a great PM like NAMO is not embarrassed by the fluff that the system is forcing on an otherwise smart and slick leader like him. I reiterate my stand on mine and my like minded friends demand for systemic changes in Indian political system. Its the system that turns good and patriotic leaders into self centered ones. 
                                 Technically the democracy in india in its present form is designed to be a hidden kleptocracy...... [ Kleptocracy is a  form government where the government exists to increase through corruption the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often under the pretense of honest service. Yemen, Pakistan and India are its glaring examples in the world today.]  
                                                   The quality of political leadership being thrown up by this system is alarmingly low quality. But if India shifts to a Presidential form of government ...इन्हीं अंधेरों में से कोई नूर निकले गा, ....स्वॉल उठा है जबाब ज्‍रूर निकले गा. Thus systemic change could bring in a lot of solace to a decaying Indian democracy.

                           Imagine if PM modi had a choice, would he have allowed many of these third class abusive, criminalised semi educated MPs to even enter the parliament ? जो बंदा खुद पार्लीमेंट को मंदिर मान कर पार्लिमेंट की सीढ़ीओं पर माथा टेक कर पार्लीमेंट में जाता है , क्या  वो खुश हो सकता है इस हाल में ? ... Never. He is helpless.
                            The system is forcing any national leader with some character and quality to bring in 280 people who can support him/her so that this person can then lead a huge nation like India. In case of a popular leader like Modi this has become possible as a result of his personal political charisma but if it was not so it could only have been made possible by garnering the support of thugs and thieves with rape and murder charges who happen to sneak in to the temples of democracy as peoples representatives. Getting this support from these criminalised politicians straightaway means sharing political power with them thus resulting in the criminalisation of politics. This is the result of Indian system of democracy being designed to be run by numbers, or so to say to be run by quantity and not quality. Thus all that is important in the present process is numbers. To ensure that all those who get elected are clean is an impossible dream due to immense financial, class, creed, religious and other diversities in India.  

                              With the shift in system one good and democratically empowered man will be able to ensure a quality government, and as a result,  quality governance in the nation.    ..... Imagine if Ajit Doval was not just our NSA but our defence minister, Katju our law minister, Tharoor our foreign minister, Amartya Sen our economic minister, Kailash Satyarthi our child welfare minister, Seechewal our social welfare minister and so on with an honest hard task master like Modi as our Prime minister................. India will be a superpower with in 10 years. Can Modi induct such talent in to his government today... Its impossible. Is pagal khaaney mein to theek admi ko bhi pagal ki acting karni padti hai... just to survive.
                            So we urgently need a shift.... and if the shift does not happen............ we are drifting and bound to drift more towards absolute anarchy and then revolution. With government guns and forces this cyclic political change can not be stopped .... not even Modi can stop it if he decides to use force to suppress this change, he will only end up accelerating the nation towards a bloody change, but on the other hand if he becomes a facilitator and makes the shift happen towards a presidential form of government and a federal Union of Indian [ FUOI ] or so to say 'United States of India' 'USI' ...........not only the Indian boundary shall expand beyond its present LOC' and IB but India will be saved from anarchy, internal turmoil and a bloody revolution. 
                         बहुत  लोग सिस्टम में रह कर सिस्टम को बदलने की बात करते हैं which is impossible because system does not allow it. सिस्टम ही बदलना पड़े गा, its a choice that Indians have to make, चाहे कलम ओर वोट से  गले सड़े सीस्टम को बदल लो वरना आने वाली नसले बंदूक त्रिशूल किरपान ओर बम्ब से इसे बदल दें गी .... वो माँ भारती के लिए तथा  ह्म जैसे शांतिप्रिय भारतियों  के लिए बहुत दुखदायी हो गा। 

                                  वन्देमातरम  .... Poet Balwant Gurunay aka Guru Gurunay aka basho.

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