Meet Maj.General Peng Liyuan.

Here is a piece of info I thought my young friends must have. Let me have the pleasure of Introducing the 'First Lady of China', the most powerful lady in the world as on today. Meet Peng Liyuan, a renowned Chinese contemporary folk singer, performing artist.  A Maj. General in the red army and wife of incumbent and  very powerful Chinese Chief Xi JinPing. Madame Peng is also a dean of the chinese army. She started as a foot soldier and sang her way in to the heart of Xi JinPing in 80s, got married and  the couple have a daughter named Xi Mingze. Peng is an MA. in ethnic music and has done a lot of singing for frontline soldiers of chinese army. An extremely intelligent and graceful lady she conducts herself very well in all situations. Peng is actively involved both in politics and social work. She is a WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS since 2011. 
Now some facts worth knowing about Liyuan Peng......
1. She holds the rank of a major general in the People's Liberation Army.
2.  Born on 20 november 1962, Peng Joined the army at the age of 18.
3.  Married for over 25 years now.It only took 40 minutes for Jinping to decide that Liyuan was the lady he wanted to marry, when  introduced by a mutual friend in 1986.
4. Peng talks of her husband as the husband of her dreams.....straightforward,  honest and thoughtful.
5.  Listed in the 'Vanity Fair’s international best-dressed list' last year. Time magazine listed her amongst the 100 most influential people and Forbes ranks Peng Liyuan 57th in the list of most powerful woman in the world. Of late she has risen in stature to be considered as the most powerful woman in the world ...... Happy Penging................... Guru Gurunay aka Poet gurunay aka Commandante Che Gurunay.

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