Do not be a Witch Hunter... Be a Nation Builder.

Jawaharlal Nehru became the first PM of democratic India in spite of Sardar Patel as the Prime Ministerial choice of many.  Nehru's being close to then Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten, his being cozy with Lady Mountbatten and Gandhi having a soft corner for him made Gandhi pitch in Nehru's favor. This was the most unfortunate decision that Gandhi took in his life.
                  Winston Churchill specifically pointed out that 60 years down the line Indian system would be taken over by thieves and thugs. Churchill was prophetic in his observations. Today and for the past so many years we are being ruled by corrupt politicians. The qualities required to be an Indian politician are mindblowing. He may or may not be educated, he may or may not have civic sense, he may or may not be a decent person but he should be a sycophant, hypocrite, exploiter, kleptomaniac, robber and a liar of high order and a man of low character. He should be a worm with spineless disposition when it comes to dealing with those in power but should have Nazi Boots to kick the poor and weak. Not last but least he should have a criminal record as only such people are finding places in the power berths. The quality of political leaders being thrown forward by all national and regional parties is the same. Be it Congress, BJP or any other party. Pan India it is the land, drug, mining, transport, entertainment and gun mafia who are ruling the roost. Corrupt faces in BJP are as easy to find as they are in congress.
                         Nehru gave India a system that was bound to be corrupt. The fact is that in any democracy it is a consensus that works and should work but on ground zero this never happens. Many of us assume that constitution was framed by a committee and so on but the fact is that thousands of obsolete laws, copy pasted in to our constitutionalized legal system are the work of Nehruvians.  It goes without saying that it is the top leader who makes all the difference. His little whims and fancies are catered to or taken care of and he alone is responsible for all the good and bad things happening under his command. So it was with Nehru and so it shall be with Modi. Although India was cursed with criminalization of politics while being presided over by Nehru and his cronies but it remains to be seen if Modi frees India of this curse or merely presides over the circus as it's new ringmaster. Sycophancy seems to have become our national psyche and everybody is singing songs of NAMO even as they ignore the fact that with all his nationalistic intentions Namo is after all presiding over and managing the same old Indian Tamasha. Of late there was a Spanish statue of Namo of which the front is as happy and clean as can be but there is poop lying at the back, the Spanish statue is communicating a simple fact that Namo too has the same old shit behind him.
                         It has become quite fashionable today to not only criticize Nehru and his bad legacy of dynastic politics but folks seem to be substituting the real national issues with Nehru bashing.  People like Subra... Swami are busy digging the graves of his ancestry and lineage and proving his muslim bloodline but does that solve any purpose? No doubt JLN left behind severe border disputes, communal pests, a trend of political dynasties to rob India and an extremely sycophant and corrupt legacy but whether his 'so assumed by Swami' grandfather was indeed a Muslim DARBARI in last Mughal king Bahadur Shah Zafar's court who took a Hindu name Gangadhar to escape the Britishers, or whether he slept with the then first lady of India is irrelevant for today's India. It is an old trick to give Dabloo a bad name to make Babloo a good boy.  Subramaniam Swami is a master of this game. Rather than involving India with what has been wrong with those buried underneath for years now, it is rather more important to see what is wrong with our system and nation today and how can we correct it.
                        Even in Modi's cabinet there are quite a few who have the marks of criminal 'paan supari' on their otherwise spotless modi jackets.  There is a strong presence of ‘Político Criminal' in Modis knights and lords as well.  In Modi’s zeal in adding more and more kamals the vidhan sabhas and the Lok sabha are rather getting filled with them.             ........{If he has a super strategy of changing the system by first ensuring that he can get a mandate for change from all state assemblies, so be it.}..........     What is it that we as patriotic Indians could do about it. Our immediate contribution should be that rather than getting busy with issues like Nehru bashing. Islam bashing or  even Papu bashing we should be doing some 'Systemic ills' bashing. We need to address the systemic issues plaguing our mother land. Modi with all his good intentions is helpless as he depends on 281 KAMALS blooming in the dirty slush of criminalized Indian politics. I am sure in the heart of heart Modi is not happy with this situation, he can not be if he truly loves India. If he too is another dramebaaz than it is sad, very very sad situation for our country. I would love to be convinced that Modi has honest intentions, thus he may be happy with the number of lotuses he is gathering but can certainly not be happy with their quality. I am sure Modi wishes better for India.  Let more and more right minded people empower our beloved PM and encourage him to bring about some systemic change by creating an atmosphere in favour of such change rather than getting busy with old grave digging exercises which could be entertaining and involving but absolutely nonproductive.
                                          India needs a federal structure not only for better administration but also to ensure that the AKHAND BHARAT mission is fulfilled. In a federal nation the regional aspirations shall be fulfilled alongside national agendas. Let us not forget that India has always voted for a personality. India has voted for Indira Gandhi or Atal Bihari and so on. This time also India has and is voting for Modi and not BJP. Whatever gains BJP has made in Haryana and MR are purely the gains of MODI. So it is a person we vote for and per say the system requires us to chose hundreds of idiots to put this one man in office. Why can't we  elect this man straight and entrust him with the power to appoint best men and women on best jobs ? Imagine the huge burden that will be taken off the exchequer. We do not need thousands of corrupt and criminalized  MP's and MLA's  elected by larger than life election drama to preside over an army of  well read, trained and meritorious IAS, IPS and state services officers, only to criminalize and jam the complete administrative machinery.
             Just to inform my learned readers, Indian taxpayers are paying through their nose to maintain 4145 MLA's and 795 swanky car riding, helicopter flying,  foundation stone laying,  ribbon cutting MPs   to make and amend laws,  when many of them are themselves wanted in cases ranging from heavy financial misappropriation to rape assault and murder. As an executive function they  preside over the biggest administrative machinery in the known universe  comprising of  4737 IAS officers, 4730 IPS officers and lakhs of state cadre officers only to corrupt it to the last level and ensure it never runs smoothly.
                    India has come of age. No doubt India needs a strong and nationalistic leader like Narendrabhai Modi to preside over our nation but we also need a system that supports an honest man to be truly functional at all levels. We need to rediscover and redefine ourselves. Rather than a multilevel administration where we have the panch, sarpanch, on one hand,  BDO, tehsildar, and Collectors on the other to be presided over by MLAs and MPs who mess it up all, we should have a truly functional and effective administrative machinery.  Britishers had designed the system to suit them, JLN and team copy pasted it and every indian leader since then is going around on this political merry go round  in the mad Indian political Mela having fun generation after generation.  We need a system that works not for politician but for the nation. In the present system of multilayered administration an ass of a politician can make a mockery of officers like Khemka and Durga, He can make sure that an IPS officer be given 45 transfers in less than 3 years. He can make sure that a politician gets away with rape and murder whereas an ordinary man get's thrown behind bars for flimsiest of reasons. My simple question is.........   Is it a  joke going on or are we running a nation ? This is certainly not the India that our freedom fighters gave their lives for. Let’s get over our witch hunting fixation and get going with the real job of nation building. We do need systemic changes otherwise the same gang of ghost hunters who are digging Gandhi and JLN's graves today shall soon be doing the same with NAMO as well.  Its high time that those entrusted with the responsibility of changing the destiny of this great nation sit up and listen to thousands of voices like mine who as opinion leaders represent the silence of millions of unspoken voices of a nation. Do not forget that when a pen gets exhausted it becomes the detonator for the blast of change called revolution.  ...........   Vande Matram. JAI HIND,
... Poet Balwant Gurunay.


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