Are we heading for the Third Great War.

A must read post being posted here for friends who are curious about GAZA Palestine and Israel. ( After reading this post review the eye opening stuff posted by me in the comments section to get a birds eyeview of what is the real palestine problem.) USA’s effort to police the world under the pretext of diminishing all threats to next World War has build so much fire under the cauldron of world politics that USA is in fact ending up messing it up. The next great conflict is now written on the wall. My observation has nothing to do with any love lost for either Jews or Islam or USA but my concern is with certain laws of political balance that are being pulled apart beyond their rational limits. No doubt the long time tussle between Israel and the Palestinians is being taken ahead of its attrition stage by Israel as it has now turned its operation into a full fledged conventional offensive although Palestine by circumstantial necessities is unable to launch any conventional war counter-offensive. That by default gives Hamas and other Palestinian guerrillas the luxury of carrying on the with the attrition stage of conflict as they have neither another choice nor the means to do any thing else. The point is Israel by its own actions is being sucked so deep in to the hollow of ‘one sided dominance’ that it is bound to crash under its own weight only to be slaughtered by its enemies all across the Arab world. With so many kids now either dead or ready to be soldiers in Palestine ...... Israel is bound to face some very tough times. Arab world may not be in a position to counter this offensive but it still is in a position to ensure that every potential willing guerrilla warrior {Specially the child guerrilla who is the deadliest of them all} is well armed and well trained........Motivation part of future Palestinian guerrillas has been taken care of by Israel for ages to come.
Three very important Lessons of this conflict are-
1. For Guerrillas: - if you think you can carry on irritating a well established nation with attritional tactics beyond a limit you leave that nation with no other choice but to overstep its counter-guerrilla offensive to enter full fledged conventional onslaught stage which is going to cause so much collateral damage to your interests that your very struggle becomes counterproductive.
2:- For Nations: - Do not push any offensive to the point where the offensive itself becomes the seed of future conflicts and rather than finishing off enemy resistance it embeds it further and deeper. Never forget that all physical gains are always temporary but all mental wounds are absolutely permanent.
3. For World Powers: - When you try and establish one interest at cost of another rather than resolving a conflict you give birth to a new one. Israel at cost of Palestine has not made this world a better place for neither Jews nor Arabs and not even the world community. Rather than establishing World peace this experiment may culminate in to 'The third Great War'. ....Poet Balwant Gurunay

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