A Mirage called AAP.

I have read hundreds of comments about Narender Bhai's Achey din slogan. So people want Achey din but for absolutely free. Narender Bhai ne Achey din kaa vaada zaroor kiya tha lekin muft nahin. Har citizen ko us ki keemat chukani padey gi. Hindostan kay bashindey sab kuch subsidy pe chahtey hai, sb kuchh muft. India is not some Khairati Lal's dukaan. Mufat Lal ki dukaan mein mufat mein to sirf vaadey miltey hai munnaa.
I am sad to know why so many people are opposing Hindi as national language. How can you have a nation without a minimum common fiber. Discussion should not be if Hindi or not, discussion should be what type of Hindi.. Dakiyanoosi hindi or modern popular hindi. Secondly many politicians including Aap Congress and Shivsena are opposing train fare hikes... Do they expect India to beg from America and run a populist government or make India self reliant. B Realistic... If you want to increase the quality of life in India you should be ready to pay some price as well. App (App as for you....not as a smartly named politicoparty) So app ko gussa honey ka haq hai lekin Yathaarth vaad ke sampark mein rahtey huey. Dont take the nation for a ride by emotionally blackmailing the public. Desh nirmaan mein desh ka saath do naa ki vohi ghatiya or ghisii hui virodh ki rajneeti kaa. Jab ablaaon ka rape hota hai to ye sab dharney baaz naarey baaz kahaan hotey hain. Abb koi congress to koi kisi or party ke jhandey taley putley jalaa raha hai. Vaah beta.. Congress ka to slogan hi ye lagta hai....Main karun to majboori meri tu karey to hera pheri.......... aur AAP... Many of my friends are still living in a mirage that AAP will do some thing. There are a few good people but than few good people are every where, in all parties. At one time I too thought AAP can deliver and even wrote a song about them overcome by my emotions but soon realised that even their basic election candidate pitting choice is heavily flawed. AAP party's promises and its leadership has proven to be a disillusioned lot and proven to be dream merchants only , which any one can sell, as you see congress doing now... when in opposition they are all dream merchants who build discontent around what is available and promise to deliver dreams that in reality can never be delivered. Same old dirty political tricks. Jago India.....

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