Fascists verses Maoists in Indian context, @ 🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

Fascism verses Maoism in Indian context, @  🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay⚔

© Fascism, is nothing but the extreme right of the  'Left Right Pendulum', of  political systems of governance, of which  'Extremist Maoism', is the extreme left edge. I am not against any political system but these two extreme ones are  quite despisable.

Maoists and Fascists, both believe in extreme measures as  political tools. They believe in assassinations, coups, armed rebellions, war, extreme discipline and slavish loyalty.

They also believe in completely wiping out all opposition. Its better we understand these issues well, rather than react emotionally.

20 MLAs of Aap have been sacked, for reasons best known to the government, the election commissioner, or all and one, in the dirty game, but EC might get a trophy for its cleaning act, or its chessboard kill, sooner than later.

Now lets get on with the business of understanding Fascism, also called 'Mussolini's  or Hitler's way of governance.

'Fascism'  is an exact other end, of   'Extremist Maoism', which is as good, or as bad as
Just to update you on a fast fact sheet.

1. They are both extreme.

2.  They are both violent.

3. They are both agenda oriented.

4. They are both 'One Party Systems'.

5.  They are both hungry for governmental control of citizens.

6.  They are both against individual freedom.

7.  They are both control freaks.

8. They are both perverted.

9.  They are both against genuine democracy.

10. They are both believers in a Single Party, Single Ideology Rule.

11. They are both focused on self glorification at the cost of creating an absolute despise of, or opposition to a class, religion, or a sect.

12. They both specialise in creating pseudo nationalism.

13.  They are both person oriented, rather than being nation oriented.

14. They are both believers of gun culture.

15. They are both 'Atheists' in principle, although one, that is 'Maoist' is honest about it, where as the other, 'Fascism' uses religion or sectarianism as a tool to gain political power.

16. They both entertain the idea of an absolute control of nation's resources.

17. They both believe in militarization of their nation.
18. They are both war hungry, and look at it as a political tool.

19. They both use a lot of propaganda and publicity material to spread their lies, and do it as advertantly as possible.

20.  Maoists depend upon the company and support Of poor masses, the proletariat, or the working class, where as fascism draws support from the capitalists and military. 

21.  They are both destructive.

22. They are both  focused on their survival,  based not at merit, but decimation of all opposition.

Thus, From the word go in Delhi, the happenings have all been written on the wall.
Exercise of demolishing AAP is aimed at finishing off all political opposition, which is one of the basic tenets of Fascism.

Long live freedom,
Long live our nation,
Long live Humanity.
🚩तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल🚩
©📿 Guru Balwant Gurunay. ⚔

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