Death of Innocense

I would like to call the induction of children as soldiers of Jihad as, The DEATH of INNOCENCE. It is indeed a great tragedy of our times..

Some folks would ask, After all where do the weapons for these kids come from, thus pointing their fingers at west.

The sins of west are undoubtedly unforgivable..... but than so are the sins of Islam.

The west lead by Thr U.S.A, and the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia lead fundamental Islam are the two real powers struggling to establish their hegemony over the world , one using technology as the blade of it's evil arrow, and the other using religion as its cutting edge, and in this war, humanity is the biggest loser.

The weapons or technology can come from a hundered different sources, but the cardinal question that still remains is, Where is the indoctrination coming from ?

This desperate struggle can only be said to be springing from terrorism, both western illuminate christian and the islamic terrorism, aimed at controlling the world.

The kids know not what they stand for, yet stand strong for a cause they have no means of understanding, as they dont have any counter narrative.

Standing strong is cute, but' Not Knowing', what they stand for is TRAGIC. 👍🏻
🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay🚩

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