Yes I am Charlie

Yes I am Charlie
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All Rebels are.

World is badly in need of people who can redefine God and Spiritualism.

Once again the fires of hate are calling for the blood of Christ to calm them.

Once again the stones of shallowness are calling Mansoor to  belittle them.

Once again the sword of pride is inviting Guru Teg Bahadur to humble it.

Once again Krishna is calling Arjuna to slaughter the Kaurvas.

Once again the dunes of Karbala are thirsting for blood of martyrs.

Once again the walls of Sirhind are looking for innocence to be bricked alive.

Once again Guru Gobind Singh is calling his Banda Bahadurs to wipe out evil from face of goodness.

Once again the spirit of goodness, which when personified becomes GOD calling it's brave sons and daughters to free it from servants of devil, the priestly politico class which has imprisoned it in temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras in chains of narrow mindedness, prejudice, ego, pride, and hate.

Once again the time has come to kick-arse those who preach love for their own people at the cost of hatred for others.

Once again the time for Rebels to Rise and Shine has come...............

Once again we need to pray this prayer by Nida fazli.........

Phir roshan kar zeher ka pyala chamaka nai saliben,

Jjhuthon ke duniya mein sach ko taabaani de Maulaa.

Phir moorat se bahar aakar chaaron or bikhar ja,

Phir mandir ko koi Mira divani de Maulaa.


... basho aka poet balwant gurunay...

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