India is traditionally a Hero worshiper and a Villain Hooter. We neither remember nor follow, the ideals of Bhagwan Ram but once every year, we watch Ramleela as a ritualistic tamasha and burn Ravana's effigy to get done with it till the next Ramleela season. 

                         We treat our elections absolutely similarly, as a big political 'Tamasha', a 'Rajneta Leela'. We neither seriously try and understand the implications of this most important exercise in nation building, nor do we seriously participate in it with maturity and a true sense of responsibility. Elections too have become a 5 yearly tamasha,  a mela, a bonhomie, a circus.

                        People start either over criticising our political leaders or over adulating them without realising that the system is designed to throw up thugs and thieves as leaders. The Janta needs either a Hero or a Villain to fill in their mental filmi scripts. So if Gappu is a Hero Pappu has to be a Villain and if Kejri is the Hero than Gappu has to be the Villain.

                        They forget that the nation is passing through a churning process, it is politically evolving inspite of a third rate political system. Lets not forget that India is suffering because of a third rate multi party parliamentary democracy, thrust upon us by pseudo intellectuals and sly politicians of yore. This has resulted in people having all that is lowest in human character being elevated to the highest of positions in the Indian political executive, which as per system is the senior most tier of Indian executive.

                        All this is going to result in upheavals and uprisings pan India. We must not forget that new options will soon be thrown up from amongst the youth as the youth of India shall reject all the rotten options available to them today, in favour of fresh and authentic options.

                        It could be an entirely new party or a totally reformatted Congress, BJP or some other national Party. National Parties like Congress and BJP with their criminalised and corrupt track record shall not be acceptable to youth of India in the long run despite their Modis and Manmohans. 

                        The national parties either need to clean themselves, reformat themselves, or make way for the new parties, or entirely new faces within them. Time has come to promote young, energetic and honest and deserving leaders from India's youngistan so as to give them their due representation.  It should be clear in the minds of our leaders, that Indian youth is not much impressed by the idea of a undergraduate education minister being thrust upon a system saturated with D.Litts and highly qualified and well read intellectuals. 

                                This is why I often say that India should have a Presidential system where the head of the state after being elected is not bound to choose his ministers from amongst the Rajya or Lok Sabha MP's. He should be empowered to choose his executive team from a vast bank of experts so as to run the nation effectively. The system of democracy that we follow can only allow crooks liars and draamebaaz people to be elected. Very few of them will or can have the qualities required to become true national leaders. How can a young man focusing on his education and character building have time for  politics and how can a  political activist have time for some true education. We badly need a paradigm shift here. 

                                 Though youth are welcome in the leadership roles but should not be allowed to indulge in politics before the age of 25 and should retire by all means after the age of 70. Beyond that no politician should be allowed in active politics and should only be there in advisory roles. There should also be a minimum education for a person to become a minister or a legislator, minimum an MA in his, her chosen subject. It is surprising that our parliamentary democracy allows and facilitates  absolutely uneducated, or lowly educated, criminalised or corrupt people to enter the highest public offices and then expects them to function as its highest executives or top most lawmakers. Ladies and gentlemen isn't it a joke of a democracy to begin with ? 

                        All 'Swachta Abhiyaans', all charity must begin at home. Comrades also need to redefine their agenda and come out of their hibernation to emerge anew with some non violent paradigm.

                          Bjp is winning state after state because Congress and its rotten old faces have not yet realised that it is high time to lay off their haggard, rejected and dejected faces stinking of corruption. They need to move ahead with new leaders. There are some excellent leaders in the youth but unluckily none of them are attracted towards the right winged BJP or pseudo left inclined congress. As a result more and more of youth is finding solace in the red leftist ideology as they lose hope in democracy. This loss of youth's hope in democracy is a very dangerous trend, and is bound to be further embedded as the national parties take to more and more undemocratic practices in the future, for example the use of false image projection of their leaders and use of Bahubal. As the bullets will replace the  ballots in the India's election scenario,  the faith in democracy too  shall be replaced  by faith in neo socialism in the youth of India.

Let us be clear on a few things about the Indian election and political scenario as on today:-

1. Lets not overlook that all the votes that have gone in to BJP's kitty, were in fact voted in MODI's favour and not in favour of BJP.

2. This too should be absolutely clear that 60 % Votes cast in Modi's favour were in fact cast against corruption and not for Modi. 10% were cast as result of appeals made by this or that Baba, 'the worst curses of Indian democracy'.  20% were for Modi because of Hindutva appeal and 10% were for Modi being perceived as the best amongst the worst probables.

3.  Elections were, and will continue to be affected, by corporate  media, owned and run by super rich business houses of India. Business houses sponsor Indian elections with their sight on laws and reforms suitable to them, their pound of flesh, which they extract out of any winning candidate sponsored by them. They shall extract their 'pound of flesh' out of our ever so patriotic MODI JI as well. In fact they have already started doing it,  the land reforms bill being one of the many grabs that they expected from the new government and which our Vikas Purush and his gang has duly delivered.

4. Anna Hazare factor can just not be forgotten. Team Anna had built the winds of anti corruption all over India. Kejri launched a new ship, and tried filling its sails to the brim, Kejri overreached and tore the sails apart and crashed the ship. All that he and his supporters are doing today is tell each other the cliche story,'This too shall pass, This too shall Pass' whereas the party is in blasted shambles and deep shit.

5.  As observed recently in Delhi and other places, BJP with its right wing extremists will try and intimidate the opposition's support groups leading to dirty political blood spilling on the streets. The street fight in a recent Delhi media interaction where AAP and BJP went all out and chased each other in street fights, hitting each other with lathis and rods and burning vehicles is just a humble beginning to the grand battle remaining to be fought as yet. Congress with its track record will only add to the mayhem for regaining its lost territory. This shall make the situation still more murkier.

6.  BJP to reinforce its gains will further strengthen the hindu extremism, whereas the regional parties and congress  to regain their lost ground will fuel minority extremism.

7.  The 'Trickle Down' economic policy adopted by this government will create mass unrest in the poorer masses creating a good ground for the 'Red brigade, especially Maoists to find some solid footholds and launch pads all over India.
8.  This is bound to result in a living hell for the common man, as in a free for all that shall ensue,  no body shall feel safe. The police force, corrupt and limited as it is, will be over busy providing security to corrupt leadership, influential business men, Padma Vibhushan Swamis and Stuntmen Babas.
                                    All said and done we need a matured approach toward our politics. We must get over telling each other whom to like and whom not to like. Everything must be judged purely on merit and in a specific time and space. If Kejri, Modi, Comrades and some other tolerable faces in the otherwise pure bullshit of indian politics have their plus points they have their demerits too. So praise must come readily to any and all who are seen doing anything good for India and bold criticism must also be lashed out at those who deviate from true nationalism. Indian politics should have no place for pure white and black characters and we indians must rise above hero worship and villain bashing. We are talking about our beloved nation here and not some bollywood film.

                                   If People like me have praised Modi in between, (Which we shall continue doing as and when we deem fit),  it is because .... the first salute is always due to a man who comes out victorious, even if in a  'Best out of the Worst' mud match. Kejri gets the bashing from us for being an over ambitious adventurous political gambler.  Pappu gets the boot for being out of sync with reality. As always the second salute is always due to the one who fulfills the promises, and comes upto the expectations built, so if Modi does not get the second salute from us, it is again well in tune and well in place.

                                  Lets not forget, I represent the People and not some Janta party. The hand that salutes the best can also slap the hardest. I am also not in any way under any obligation to agree or disagree with opinion leaders, some truly popular with the masses and some simply being the pseudo projectionists of hidden ideologies and agendas. I follow some opinion leaders, like retired Judges, some famous media personalities and some retired Generals on social media because they sincerely think about India with open and bright minds. I have often trashed their views if they are too far fetched or seem out of sync with Simple Indian aspirations. 

                                  So me and my people do not fawn over Modi, Kejri, Pappu, Gappu, Mummy, Maun Sardar or the Sheikh Sahibs of BJP. We are not in favour of any Kali topi, Neeli topi or Lal topi pseudo Samaj vaadis . In fact if we can have our way we will not sweep them with a Jhadu but simply flush them in to the gutters  of time , where they rightly belong and truly deserve to be.  We only and only support India. We will stand with those who stand for our Nation and stand by the dictum 'NATION ABOVE ALL AND ANY PERSON'. We will stand with the one who will change the rotten system of our country and thus change it's destiny.

                                                             Aagey Aagey dekhiye hota hai kya........ 
                                                          Poet balwant Gurunay aka Guru Gurunay

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