Lets build a United India................

 Aam admi today is seeking explanations issues of policy, accountability  and justice from his sarkar. Is our nation free from disease, ignorance, oppression, corruption, poverty, human rights abuse, crime against women? Is the common man of India free indeed ?  In fact only the ruling elite is enjoying freedom. To add to their fun and social status they also enjoy add-ons like swanky cars, helicopter rides and Z plus security at the cost of taxpayers money, where as commandos who protect them are treated as consumables. (Commando Surinder Singh of Jhajar, who took part in 26/11 operation in Mumbai, struggling to get his pension. Indian Express and Dainik Bhaskar 23rd Nov 2012).
An Indian politician plays havoc with the mind of a nation by abusively exploiting issues of religion, region and caste thus creating and managing a well choreographed chaos which enables him/her to rule this country of 2 billion, year after year and now generation after generation. Many pseudo secular politicians talk of communal divide. These ruthless political hyenas are In fact themselves responsible for creating this divide to gain power by hook or by crook. Media too has been sold out to the neta or taken over by him. The 'Witch's cauldron' of media boils with scandals and scams and is kept frothing by throwing in lizards and snakes of meaning less comedy and irrational soap operas, thus engaging the masses in illusions and distractions, ensuring that they don't think of national unity, security, economy, public health, and other development issues.
I call upon the youth of my country to break beyond all politician made barriers and jump over these pygmy concepts. It's time to fly beyond the limited horizons of regional politics and work for a new political and social order based on national brotherhood and pride. A united India will give your ideas and actions, freedom and strength to capture, harness and enjoy the great potential that our nation holds for us. Great freedom fighters like Bhagat singh, Raj guru, Chandar shekhar azad, Neta ji Subhash and others did not lay down their lives for some regional language or a regional state. Their sacrifices were for one united India.
...Balwant Gurunay...

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