TT aka Tibetan Terrier aka Tsang Apso aka Dokhi Apso...A great family dog

Popularly known as TT in the western world, this dog qualifies to be a loyal and loving companion due to its high IQ and EQ. TTs come in all colours and shades. In Tibet and Bhutan Tibetan terrier has always been considered a sign of high regard if gifted to someone. It is considered lucky and is also called the ‘feng shui dog. TT is a name given to one of the three dog breeds of Tibet, the other two being ‘Tibetan Mastiff’ and ‘Lhasa Apso’. The dog does not belong to the terrier group but as it reminded Europeans of a breed back home in England, they started calling it Tibetan terrier. It is better known as the ‘Dokhi Apso’ or ‘Tsang Apso’ in Tibet. Tsang means ‘Shaggy or Bearded’ and apso means a dog. The name 'Dokhi Apso' means Out door dog. It is much smaller than a Tibetan mastiff but bigger than a Lhasa. Their coats grow continuously thus requiring a regular trimming, especially so in a hot country. It makes them feel more comfortable after they have had a nice hair cut in summer. If given a careful hair cut leaving a plume on its tale and a mane on its neck and shoulders it looks like a miniature lion. Popularly known as the Holy Dog of Tibet, the breed evolved over centuries as a companion cum guard dog. Blessed by the monks as well as the nomadic shepherds, these dogs have developed an exceptional tuning with humans.They came to be known as the "little people" of Tibet due to their loving nature and a human like expression. In Tibet, the Lhasa’s were the lap dogs of monks, Dokhi apsos guarded the inner precincts of a property and the much larger and ferocious Tibetan mastiff guarded the periphery of a gompa. Due to their stable temperament and  their being considered lucky charms, they were often sent to accompany travelers on treacherous mountain paths. In Tibet they were not sold and generally given as gifts to loved ones or high dignitaries, but the pups in the city are and should be sold so as to ensure that the person who picks them up, values them and takes good care of them. A companion, a herder and a guard, a TT takes no time in adjusting as a member of the family. Being warm and affectionate, a TT can think for itself. It is rightly said that if once you fall in love with a TT, you will never be free of its magical and loving spell. They combine the grace and beauty of Lhasa Apso with the guarding instincts of a mastiff thus making them an ideal companion and guard dog. Their feet are bigger and longish for their size thus making them sure footed on all terrain.  They fit the bill as an ideal alarm and protection system, fulfilling the role of a guard dog unlike the larger Mastiffs, Dobermans, Pit bulls or German shepherd breeds which are a challenge to control in a city setup. A TT is not a toy dog by any standards. Tibetan terrier is an ideal pet for a city family who want to own a high value low liability dog. An elderly person or a young kid can easily control this breed. Their ability to gauge and sense the mood of their owner gives them an edge over all other breeds as companion dogs. Reserved with strangers but calm with kids and elders, they make an ideal city pet. They also work as exceptionally brave and alert guards. Tibetan terriers require little training in view of their self learning abilities. All that they need is patient handling. TT's are a well established small (not miniature or toy) breed, now in hot demand in America, England and Indian metros. It also must be remembered that true TTs don't have an exceptionally long coat.  Long hair touching the ground all over are a result of selective breeding for shows. They are rough and tough fairly long haired, double coated breed which looks most graceful and sleek in its original form.
,,,,,,,,,,Balwant Gurunay.
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