Right to Elementry Education .... Balwant Gurunay

Mr Kapil Sibal
The decision by parliment to ensure elementry education to all children all across India is a revolutionary move. The true impact of this law will only be felt, after some time. It is a great step forward in nation building. The challange though is the true enforcement of this law. With many stakeholders like the child, his immediate friends and neighbourhood, the teachers, the school management, the parents, the local govermant , the state and the center goverments and the countrymen at large, the legal enforcement is a challange. This decision of the parliament needs to be complimented with very agressive public relation campaigns. These campaigns must be carried out by the goverment's public relation departments and NGO's so as to create awareness about the right to education amongst all classes of society. The P.R. responsibility is to motivate and educate all stakeholders so as to -
1. Prepare all stakeholders to be willing contributors in this Yajna.
2. Make sure that the under privileged are aware of their right to 25 % qouta in all schools , including the so called elite or the ordinary ones.
3. Not sparing school managements for violating this law by meteing out exemplary penalities and punishments.
4. Not spare any goverment official who indulges in corrupt practices and lets this law be abused after having his palms greased by violators.
5. Hold parents, teachers or management criminally accountable if any of them discourage or snub a child and deny him this fundamental right.
Honourable Minister Mr Kapil Sibal needs a special mention as he has taken keen interest in this bill and without his and his teams efforts this bill may not have been passed at all . This goes to proove his farsightedness and vision. Congratulations and many thanks to you Sir. A big thanks is also due to both the ruling and opposition parties for making this come true. if our nation can pass a few more of such bills, thereby doing some substantive nation building, the country is bound to progress by leaps and bounds. I only have one contention. Why this bill should be implimented for class one only. It should be mendatory in 2011 not only in the first class but also in the so called kindergarten level. Congratulations Mr Minister Sir. We are proud of you.
By Balwant Gurunay

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